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Improve your Office Systems

How will people work smarter in the office space you provide?

Alternative office design is all about creating an environment that enables staff to work smarter within the parameters of their office space or remotely.  In the workplace, creativity must go hand in hand with practicality, productivity, individual preferences and or course budget.

We encourage our clients to adapt up to date office systems, phone / computer systems and storage solution into the design of their new or refurbished office.  By incorporating the latest technology there are many gains to be made with staff productivity and information security.

Technology is the back-bone to most businesses.  We understand that come Monday morning after shifting, you need everything I.T. to work! 

Design Tips to Consider
   -  How will people work in the space?  Are they desk bound or network via
      remote access, the cloud?  
   -  Consider  moving to a newer energy efficient building.  This will mean 
      better security, internet capability and better building services that can
      be used to your company's advantage.
  Make your space work better for your business.  You can make
      huge savings on your rental cost by investing in technology,
      hot-desking and smaller workstations.
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“We are a customer service based and learning organisation.  Our trainers are very happy with their new facility.  The AV works exceptionally well and the right furniture was selected to provide flexibility in each of our 3 training rooms."

- Arthur Bruce, Veolia Transport
"With multiple things going on at once, it can be quite a challenge to move.  Diane understood the spatial & technical aspects involved and advised the trades our requirements on phone & data, security and cabling."

- Cherie Buchanan, Peak Primary Medical
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Contemporary Office Design / Malcolm & Sumner Design

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Established in 1991, Malcolm & Sumner’s design team appreciates for most businesses, relocating or refurbishing is a major undertaking and investment. Providing a seamless transition is vital.  We help our clients with creative solutions to transform their space, on time and on budget.

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