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Office Relocation

We point out the benefits of designing a new office space and relocating

An office relocation can be the most important decision your company will make in the next few years.  We provide a comprehensive time-line for the entire design & fit-out process to help you plan and meet all your deadlines.

We assist with labelling your existing furniture, coordinate the moving contractors and supervise the shift to ensure the process is a seamless transition from one location to the next.

We understand that come Monday morning you need everything to WORK!  Installing new computer / phone & internet connections is only one part of the relocation strategy.
Design Tips to Consider
-  Relocating to a newer building can have a very positive outcome if managed
   properly. The future success of the company can greatly be enhanced by
   providing staff with an inspiring and functional work environment.
-  Shifting and changing work flows can hugely impact on staff and is important to consider. 
   Managing the process is very important to avoid people leaving or moving on.
Loosing experienced staff may be the result if a company relocates to another location 
   or suburb.  This should be a consideration as part of your total relocation strategy.
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“I couldn't have organised the shift without Malcolm & Sumner's help to sort the details out.  Having someone on board to assess our existing furniture and planning the layout of the new office assured us that our three teams would have enough space and work more efficiently."

- Ruth Davies, Diabetes New Zealand - Auckland Branch

"Even during the work itself, we were not hugely disrupted and were always given advanced warning.  The physical move itself was a lot less painful than we ever imagined it to be.  Due to the forward planning, there was very little disruption to our operation."

- George Patterson, Jim Beam New Zealand (Maxxium NZ)
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Established in 1991, Malcolm & Sumner’s design team appreciates for most businesses, relocating or refurbishing is a major undertaking and investment. Providing a seamless transition is vital.  We help our clients with creative solutions to transform their space, on time and on budget.

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