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Spatial Planning

We are often asked, "How much space do we really need?"

With businesses trying to reduce overheads, using commercial office space efficiently is paramount.  Unless our client's goal is to expand, they actually end up leasing less space in the new premises, than previous, because of improved office flow and implementing new workplace strategies.

We draw concept layout plans for our customers when they are comparing different floor plates.  It's amazing how some buildings are more efficient space-wise than others.

We help you to review and itemize your spatial requirements that you'll need for the various office activities and tasks - including offices, open plan work areas, meeting rooms, storage and general office circulation.  This will help you focus on changes and implement improvements with the new design layout.

Design Tips to Consider
-  When planning your office space design, don't forget your employees.   
    Imaging how they will work in the space and design areas suitable for 
    collaboration, quiet spaces and communal facilities.
-  What is the benefit or drawback of open plan design, closed offices or
    a combination of both?  Which would work best for your type of business?  
How much expansion space could your company require in the future?  
    Build in as much flexibility as possible to accommodate any future 
    changes and avoid un-necessary disruption.

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“Diane is very good at the space planning side of office design.  Some architects aren't good at than, depending on who and what the client is.  We've found it helpful to have an interior design specialist focusing on office layouts and the quality thereof whilst the design team and our people focus on the big picture."

- Barry Wither, Quadrant Properties Ltd.

"Malcolm & Sumner provided skills that we didn't have.  They gave us good advice about the standard of today's office and advised us on our new storage systems.  They greatly improved the layout that the architect had suggested.  This improved the work flow in our office and improved staff communication."

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Established in 1991, Malcolm & Sumner’s design team appreciates for most businesses, relocating or refurbishing is a major undertaking and investment. Providing a seamless transition is vital.  We help our clients with creative solutions to transform their space, on time and on budget.

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