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Heidelberg NZ

Heidelberg New Zealand, sales & service provider of commercial printing equipment, decided to relocate to other premises in Mt. Wellington.  They wanted their Auckland head office to reflect the same look as their Australian branches.

Having worked with Heidelberg previously we were invited to provide the design direction for their new premises and assist with their office relocation.

At their old premises, the departments were spread out  in pockets throughout the building.  Adil Sakari, said they were looking for ideas at creating an open plan office for all their staff to be working in one area."

"Malcolm & Sumner assisted us in planning the office layout which was excellent."

“The outcome being that we have moved into our new premises with an ideal open plan office where the staff can communicate much better with one another."

"From our point of view the experience was great.  M & S took care of all the finer points in planning the office layout, supplying new furniture and the other details relating to our move."

“Diane sourced similar furniture and fabrics used in Australia to ensure we had a modern design and a theme consistent with our Australian offices."

“Work with a professional designer.  Malcolm & Sumner provided guidance, advice and suggestions by looking at our needs to ensure we were happy."

Adil Sakari - Manager Commercial & Accounting Services
Heidelberg Graphic Equipment Ltd
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Established in 1991, Malcolm & Sumner’s design team appreciates for most businesses, relocating or refurbishing is a major undertaking and investment. Providing a seamless transition is vital.  We help our clients with creative solutions to transform their space, on time and on budget.

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