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Radius Medical

Part of the integrated Radius Health Group, Radius Medical launched their new medical centre at Botany Junction.  Having traditionally bought and re-branded established practices and having no recent experience with new interior fit-outs, Radius needed professional design advice to assist them with their own fit-out and to coordinate their sub-tenants' requirements.

With two Boards and banks to satisfy, setting up a greenfield site with no customer base meant keeping a tight construction budget was paramount for the financial success of the centre.

With a budget of $750,000 and a Q.S. estimate of over a $1,000,000, taken from conceptual architectural layouts, we were introduced to Radius by Broadway Developments to review the budget estimates and refine the design.

Radius Medical General Manager, Cherie Buchanan, said if we hadn't got the price down to our target budget, we would have flagged the project.  Malcolm & Sumner's expertise was the link to making the deal work.”

“Malcolm & Sumner nailed it for us - in that we could do the project within budget, providing practical and cost effective solutions.  They were a good bridge between the parties, representing our interests vis a vis the developer throughout the project and providing the practical & technical information that Broadway needed."

“I appreciated Diane's attention to detail and had great confidence that what she suggested would provide the best solution.  M & S working drawings were of a professional standard and provided the level of detail required for consent & construction."

“It was a case of - we didn't know what we didn't know.  Diane was pleasant and eager to listen.  She heard what we were saying.  M & S gave us peace of mind, providing the expertise that made the difference.  They took on the role to manage the process, taking a huge weight of responsibility off my shoulders."

“Because we were in the process of undergoing a brand change, we hadn't appreciated the full impact of re branding and what it entailed.  Diane pointed out that a Corporate look isn't just about signage; it's about a total corporate identity.  This led us to appoint M & S to develop a complete interior corporate scheme which we can implement throughout all our NZ medical centre facilities."

"We appreciated M & S responsiveness and great service to meet and work with our Palmerston North business partners. Developing the new corporate colour scheme in tandem with Botany made a lot of sense."

“Having someone to source, order and receive furniture on site worked really well for us. We were able to concentrate on setting up our systems and getting the facility ready to receive customers."

“Malcolm & Sumner have an ability to plan ahead and provided us a facility which was designed to accommodate future growth. Future-proofing has enabled us to expand our services when we can afford them to meet the demands of our growing client base."

“It's all about creating a team and working together for the success of the project. Everybody wins.  After working so closely for so long, you start to feel like part of a family. It's not just about being a long term client but becoming friends."

Cherie Buchanan - (Former) General Manager
Radius Medical Limited
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Established in 1991, Malcolm & Sumner’s design team appreciates for most businesses, relocating or refurbishing is a major undertaking and investment. Providing a seamless transition is vital.  We help our clients with creative solutions to transform their space, on time and on budget.

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