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In 2006 LJ Smits Group - leading automotive paint importer, looking to expand their operation, recently purchased a second warehouse to house new product lines.  The building was tired and needed doing up but was a great opportunity to provide a new showroom facility.  There was a large empty space that lent itself perfectly for presentations and to display the growing product range.

LJ Smits wanted assistance with the design concept and detailing the new state of the art showroom facility, reception and offices. Having previously worked on their first building and training centre, we were invited to provide the design direction for the new project.

Managing Director, Lyndsay Smits said, the essential requirements we were looking for, was a quality finish with an industrial feel - not over the top.  The look had to appeal to our main clientele which is the automotive industry."

Boardroom Space before refurbishment Boardroom & Display Space / Commercial Interior Auckland
“Everything we expected we achieved- and better than we imagined.  There are numerous benefits.  We have provided a new display facility that we're proud to take clients to. For our industry it's world class.  The showroom allows us the flexibility to display a large range of product.  It really does work for us."

"We still get good comments on the first fit-out so we got Malcolm & Sumner back to help us with the second one.  They listened to us and provided the overall industrial look we were after."

“Design doesn't have to cost the earth.  By putting money in the right places you can achieve a great result and still keep to budget.  We'd do the same again."

“M & S were good to work with and there were no dramas from our point of view.   Without professional design advice we wouldn't have achieved the high standard on our own.  We didn't have the expertise or vision."

"We've had quite a few clients through the new showroom.  It has a shock factor and they are very impressed.  It has given us kudos with buyers from the larger chain stores.  The investment we made shows our commitment to the automotive industry as a whole."

“Project management isn't as easy as it looks and is very time consuming.  It's better not to be an expert after the fact and leave it to someone with experience to sort out the details."

“Never assume tradesmen know what they're doing.  Malcolm & Sumner saw the bigger picture and provided the detail and an overall plan to work to. We achieved the look we wanted and the result was fantastic."

Lyndsay Smits - Managing Director
The Smits Group
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