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Public relations maestros, Cedric Allan & Malcolm Boyle, with partner Sue Webb, recently formed Star PR.  The partners were in a typical start up situation - not sure of the future but completely serious about their business.

After looking at over 35 properties they found a building in the Viaduct with good parking, close to coffee bars and a fabulous sea view.  Sitting in the middle of the biggest urban renewal area, Ports of Auckland kindly leased the premises to Star PR on a year by year basis.

Director, Cedric Allan, said when we walked in, we knew it could be fabulous. We wanted our offices to look crisp without spending too much money.  The interior design was the key factor.  The bones were here we just needed someone to give us the confidence to know it would work for us."

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"Malcolm & Sumner have worked with us on numerous projects.  Diane helped us achieve the look we wanted without spending too much.  A quarter of our budget went towards the fit-out but our main investment was in quality furniture and workstations which we can take anywhere."

"We looked at moving into existing furnished premises but we decided we wanted a more confident and professional look, rather than move into something tired and dated.  Even after doing them up, they would be really boring offices."

"Our landlord let us make the changes we wanted which paid big dividends for them also.  The premises got an upgrade and we have the flexibility to stay or go. It's a win situation for everybody all round."

"Our consultants absolutely love it here: the water, the human scale of the building, the great ambiance.  Making good use of the natural light has helped us create a good, quiet, creative working environment and the office functions perfectly."

"Our business is emotional, reflects mood and human interaction in our office is important. We want to feel at home and comfortable to receive friends and clients at our office."

“As a PR company, most of our clients come to us.  They enjoy coming to different environment - surroundings which they find invigorating.  Our location on the waterfront and design of our premises send the message of how we see ourselves."

“Taking the time to think about your offices is a smart business decision.  Some companies can afford to look affluent, some can't.  Some squander money for ego reasons and you just shudder at the results."

"The greatest security you have when tying yourself to a lease or a property investment is to do it well enough and produce something others would desire."

“Get a specialist like Malcolm & Sumner to help.  When you're in set up mode in your business you can't afford the distraction of planning your offices.  People never value their own time. The commercial realisation is that doing things properly pays dividends time & time again."

 Cedric Allan  - Director
Star Public Relations
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Established in 1991, Malcolm & Sumner’s design team appreciates for most businesses, relocating or refurbishing is a major undertaking and investment. Providing a seamless transition is vital.  We help our clients with creative solutions to transform their space, on time and on budget.

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